TE 801: December Items

Hi all, here are your reminders for submitting your Unit 2 Project – Understanding Students’ Resistance + Rubric on VIA -not D2L- and to bring an artifact:Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 1.01.18 PM

1. Complete & Submit part 4 of Unit 2: “Consider multiple possible solutions & make an action plan” by Sunday, Dec. 2nd by 9pm on VIA… Put all 4 parts together in 1 doc.
FYI: Revision work will be permitted until the 9th.

2. Bring an artifact* of your semester… something that you feel is characteristic of your teaching style or emerging identity as a teacher. *e.g. Assignment/assessment you made, note from a student, picture of something… something memorable (challenging, proud of etc)

Be well & take care!


TE 801: October/November Items

Hi all,
Another great week of 801 is in the books (and just another 5 sessions left this semester); how time flys when you’re reading about student resistance! That said, here are a few items of note:
  • 1. UNIT PLAN: Turn in the whole Unit One assignment as a singular document (including part 5) by Sunday at 9pm (Try to keep the the final version between 3-4 pages).
  • 2. PICK TWO STUDENTS: From your focus class, select two you might want to focus on for Unit 2. You might ask, “which students?!” Hint: Unit 2 will be about engaging ‘resistant students’, so you may want to think along those lines. Keep those students in mind over the next two weeks. download
  • 3. MAKE ME!: Before you come back read Make Me!, Chapter 4-7 (that is, read your assigned chapter):
Chapter 4: Mike B, Andrea, Kayla, Hunter, & Josh
Chapter 5: Alexander, Madeline, Julian, Grace, & Blake
Chapter 6: Evan, Shelby, Ryan, Abby, & Matt
Chapter 7: Yue, Jacob, Jenny, Kathryn, & Lance
Know that I’m looking forward to hearing how your guided lead-teaching goes, best wishes with that. 
Have a tranquil weekend,
PS – Slides are attached here – TE 801 – 9.28.18

TE 801: 9/21 – Update & Slides

Dear (Section) Eleven, for next week please:images

1. Read Make Me!, Chapter 3 — We will work with this next week; a helpful accompaniment to ch. 3 is attached.

2. Turn in Part 3 & 4 of the Unit Plan due on (D2L) Sunday night at 9 pm.

3. Look over Unit Plan Part 5, the description of the “Reflection: Case Reasoning Synopsis”. Just start drafting it, noting that it is due 9/30 (at 9 pm on D2L). Please look at the rubric (also attached, again)… we will discuss it next week.

**For journaling: consider where you are seeing resistance in your teaching practice; explicitly note what it looks like and ponder why it is occurring.

SLIDES HERE: TE 801 – 9.21.18

CH. 3 GUIDE: Make Me, Chapter 3 – Feel free to draw on this & take notes on the back

UNIT PLAN RUBRIC (again): Project Unit 1_ Understanding Rules and Reinforcements Template – FINAL

TE 801 Slides & Notes from 9.14 & 9.7

TE 801 – 9.14.18

1. UNIT PLAN: besides cleaning up part 1 as needed based off of our lecture/discussion/examples today: Do Part 2, “The Interpretation: What’s going on?” by Sunday, 9/16 at 9 pm. Please post it on D2L. For next Friday, bring a draft of Part 3, “Filling your toolbox”. This doesn’t have to be posted or complete. FYI, I’m tentatively planning on giving some time to workshop next Friday.

2. Read Make Me!Chapter 2. Read it, talk back to the text. Since I’m on a **dogfooding kick, we will use the attached document (in 3 formats) to help you read & process this. Get ready, it’s not only dense reading, but you’ll notice Tosholis attempting to challenge wider and often unchecked discourses regarding power & inequity both in school and society.

3. Dogfooding: Here’s a place to invest about 12 minutes: you can either listen or read the transcript as Jennifer Gonzalez talks about ‘dogfooding’, the process of doing your own assignments.

TE 801 – 9.7

1. DO part one of the Unit Plan: Understanding Rules & Reinforcements: The Incident Report”. This should just be a paragraph or so, not too much heavy lifting… Know this is a somewhat open-ended assignment, but to guide your thinking, consider normal and general problems of practice that case reasoning can be applied to. The rubric/description is attached & posted on D2L. Please submit this in D2L by this Sunday (9/9) by 9 pm.

– I’ve posted a folder in D2L under the “Assessments tab” in the “Assignments link”. If you have an issue w D2L, just email it to me. If you need more time, let me know in advance.

2. READ all of chapter 1 in Make Me!. I imagine some of you will appreciate how Toshalis defines and thoughtful responds to “student resistance”.

3. RAID (I mean, just skim) MSCM ch. 12 (in the 5th edition… the chapter is entitled, “Responding Effectively to Inappropriate Behavior”. As you skim, note A) 1 thing that seems obvious and B) 1 thing you doubt.


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