Middle East Geography Re: Teach

Feel free to use the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK.

By next Thursday, create a few slides to profile your country when you present it to the class… Email it to Justin & Peter. Also, post your country presentation on your site (either the exact slideshow, or an adaptation, or link to a Prezi or Google Doc) by Thursday. Make sure your brief presentation includes:

  • The country’s name: + capital & geographic placement + a visual political map
  • Info on – Gov’t/Economy
  • Info on – Physical Geography (Shape…)
  • Info on – People/Society
  • Info on – Relevant Current Event(s)

All Things Geography

Let’s consider Segall’s Map as Stories about the World, and what to make of teaching Geography.

geo.pngHere are the links from a mapping game: Middle East, Africa.

A ‘MR LIP’ presentation.

Here is the Miniature Earth Project, you can find lessons here too.