Media Literacy Resources

A treasure trove of Media Literacy resources:

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Media Lit & Poll (From Anywhere)

The 5 Key Concepts of Media Literacy via the Center for Media Literacy… Beg the question:

Q: What news source do find most reliable?


Use the 5 Key Questions & Concepts from the CML to analyze this Cold War era cartoon:

Initial Task: Make Student Page (due 9/8)

TE 407 students will be making their own webpage, which will be hyperlinked on the right sidebar of the site’s main page. You can make your a site using a number of formats. In not particular order, I recommend using Wikispaces, Weebly, or, but if you’d like another format, feel free (you can read up on options here).

Like any motivated teacher, you’ll need to be proactive in figuring out how to make your page. If you are already tech-savvy, you could be done in 20-30 minutes. If you are new to the world of blogging, it might take you 45-6o mintues. Student Pages are just personal sites that will function in at least two primary ways:

1 – Interactive Portfolio: the site will be an online portfolio for some completed work, reflections on readings, and etc in the course. Instructors and peers will be able to view and comment on your work and collaboratively share resources and ideas.

2 – Online Teacher Presence: since teaching and learning in the 21st-century involves digital and web-based media, it is helpful to establish and maintain a site for students, parents, and colleagues alike. Starting a page as a pre-service teacher will help you develop content & lessons, your professional persona, and educative resources.

What the student page should contain:

  1. A tasteful picture that makes you look responsible and fit to work with children.
  2. A professional statement re: education & work background + any relevant goals or motivations you possess for being a teacher.
  3. A personal statement (that is also professional) re: your interests and what matters to you.
  4. A response to this prompt: “If I could live in any time period other than today, I would pick…”
  5. Feel free -but not obligated- to include hyperlinks, quotes, or etc.

Examples: You can see my own example, or if you’d like to overachieve, peruse some more ambitious examples via this link: “Top 10 Social Studies Blogs for Teachers.”

When finished: email Justin your URL & he will post links on the right sidebar once you have built your site!

Due Date: complete your site by the start of class on Thursday, September 8th.