TE 801: October/November Items

Hi all,
Another great week of 801 is in the books (and just another 5 sessions left this semester); how time flys when you’re reading about student resistance! That said, here are a few items of note:
  • 1. UNIT PLAN: Turn in the whole Unit One assignment as a singular document (including part 5) by Sunday at 9pm (Try to keep the the final version between 3-4 pages).
  • 2. PICK TWO STUDENTS: From your focus class, select two you might want to focus on for Unit 2. You might ask, “which students?!” Hint: Unit 2 will be about engaging ‘resistant students’, so you may want to think along those lines. Keep those students in mind over the next two weeks. download
  • 3. MAKE ME!: Before you come back read Make Me!, Chapter 4-7 (that is, read your assigned chapter):
Chapter 4: Mike B, Andrea, Kayla, Hunter, & Josh
Chapter 5: Alexander, Madeline, Julian, Grace, & Blake
Chapter 6: Evan, Shelby, Ryan, Abby, & Matt
Chapter 7: Yue, Jacob, Jenny, Kathryn, & Lance
Know that I’m looking forward to hearing how your guided lead-teaching goes, best wishes with that. 
Have a tranquil weekend,
PS – Slides are attached here – TE 801 – 9.28.18

Placements Announced on 10/5/16!

Chris Kaiser will be coming in at the beginning of the day on Wednesday the 5th to discuss & deliver placements! He will go over the process for contacting mentors and answer your questions.

***If you are micro-teaching that day, it might mean that you get delayed just one day.