Dogfooding via Jennifer Gonzalez

Via The Cult of Pedagogy podcastJennifer Gonzalez talks about ‘dogfooding’, the process of doing your own assignments.Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 9.32.30 PM.jpg


Adapting an Assessment Assignment:

Good afternoon, y’all —

Attached is the Adapting an Assessment assignment. This will be due on December 4th, and you must have decided upon an assessment from your mentor teacher that you’ll be using for the assignment by Tuesday, November 22nd.

Finally, the assignment itself mentions grade distributions for the sample assignment we’re providing you. They are below:

  • A (>90%): 10
  • B (>80%): 5
  • C (>70%): 37
  • D (>60%): 22
  • F (<60%): 15

ASSIGNMENT & RUBRIC: adapting-an-assessment-assignment-and-rubric-te-407


Communication Rubric for your “I Value Presentation”

Here is the communicatiospeech-podiumn-rubric that is to accompany your viewing of your own I Value Presentation.

*Using this 30 point scale, how would you *score yourself?!

After viewing & using the rubric as a reference point, just email Justin & Peter (by class on Thursday 9/15) to indicate your self-assessment.

*This is not graded* – just a way to check in with how you are processing your own communication.