Model Lesson Plan (for your Portfolio)

As promised, here is your guide (TE 408 Model Lesson Plan) to writing up a lesson plan for your portfolio and all future lesson planning in TE 408. Get familiar with this doc!


Spring Semester Syllabus

Welcome back y’all!

If you have a chance, please look this syllabus over before class; we’ll be discussing it tomorrow. Our first day back should help us look ahead, reset our course, and catch up… You’ll even have the opportunity to select a micro teaching topic. Further, look over the senior-year-final-exam_rubric that was used last year & will be used this year for your final exam microteaching.


Reading, Rubric, & Curriculum

For Wednesday please read The Savage & The Slave by Lintner; you’ll be responding to a writing prompt on your site by next weekend. Be sure to become familiar with our Micro Teaching Rubric as well!

And here’s a review of the curriculum types we considered: