Night Prompt #1, Peer Question

Your prompt this week functions in three parts:

  • First, read the Forward through the first 47 pages of Night.
  • Second, and imagining that you will be leading a class discussion on Night for students in your placement, come up with and post four thoughtful discussion questions on the book on your own page. These questions must be original, open-ended, and designed to foster higher-order thinking about the text and relevant connections.
  • Finally, after posting these questions by Wednesday (2/15), respond to your partner (assigned below) in a few paragraphs… choose just one of their questions, and post a reply by class time on Thursday (2/17).

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Fendler Reading & Classroom Strategies (for 9/7 & 9/8)

For next Wednesday, please read the Edwin & Phyllis’ Conversation piece (by MSU’s own Lynn Fendler) and by Thursday, complete your student page.

Also, as we consider what it takes to teach a lesson plan well (not just talk about what you know), you may want to survey different ways of teaching and some resources: