Stock Market Simulation


Click here to go to the Investopedia Simulator game… our public game is called “Gordan Gekko”.

Stock Project Detmers

Stock Analysis Calculation For Project

Stock Rationale Example


Teacher Identity (Video) Project Rubric

Official assignment description: Teacher Identity (Video) Project

40 points
Due Date: 11:59pm on 10/30/16, posted to your site/emailed to your instructors.

Format: A video project w music, text, pictures, and voice over that is between 7-10 minutes long, using iMovie or another format (click here for examples). You can use youtube, vimeo, or any other site to post your video. Learning/using technology is considered part of this assignment.

2-3 Belief Statements: 12pts.

A Well Told Story About A Formative Memory: 10pts.

Inclusion of 2-3 Social Studies Curricular Resources: 10pts.

Quality Digital Presentation: 8 pts.