Adapting an Actual Lesson for ELL’s (Prompt)

what-role-did-women-play-in-the-french-revolution_5927b539-abee-4d5d-93dd-4a5ebbc8fa39Here is a slide show about the French Revolution (in PDF format – in KeyNote – in PowerPoint) that is suitable for native English speakers. Look it over and pretend that you’re going to teach ELL high schoolers with it next week. Specifically, make three specific adaptions (e.g. build a ‘Concept Definition Map’ for vocab. words for the words Estate, Clergy, & Nobility) using this Making Content Comprehensible for ELL’s doc that Gerardo generously left for us to use.
By class time on Monday 11/28 (because I wanted to give you an additional reason to be thankful), post a response on your site. Just write a heading, selecting the name of the adaptation/strategy and then take a few sentence to detail how you would implement it.

ELL Task Link & Docs

Click here for the google doc. for Integrated Practice with ELLs.

  1. Teaching Social Studies To ELL s 407/SlideShow
  2. Own (2007) Excerpts
  3. Brown (2007) Excerpts
  4. ESOL Instructional Strategies Copy
  5. ELL