Special Education Module

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60 minutes Sesame piece

For group presentations:

Case_1_Learning_Disabilities –

Case_2_Attention_Deficit-Hyperactivity_D –

Case_3_Emotional_and_Behavior_Disorders –

Case_4_Intellectual_and_Developmental_Di –

Case_8_Autism_Spectrum_Disorders –


Adapting an Assessment Assignment:

Good afternoon, y’all —

Attached is the Adapting an Assessment assignment. This will be due on December 4th, and you must have decided upon an assessment from your mentor teacher that you’ll be using for the assignment by Tuesday, November 22nd.

Finally, the assignment itself mentions grade distributions for the sample assignment we’re providing you. They are below:

  • A (>90%): 10
  • B (>80%): 5
  • C (>70%): 37
  • D (>60%): 22
  • F (<60%): 15

ASSIGNMENT & RUBRIC: adapting-an-assessment-assignment-and-rubric-te-407


Prompt on Autism via the New Yorker

Your prompt, to be posted on your site before Monday’s class, directly ties back to our discussion of The New Yorker article, Seeing the Spectrum: A New History of Autism:

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-3-14-01-pma) Understand & Apply: How has our understanding of autism shifted over the past fifty years and why is this significant for us as educators? (2-3 sentences)
b) Analyze & Evaluate: Foucault would argue that the increased “medicalization” of our students is a negative bi-product of a society in which big pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists wield far too much power: After reading the article and assessing your own prior knowledge, analyze this critique as an educator in 2-3 paragraphs.