Teaching the Holocaust (& Night)

concentration-campsBy the start of next Thursday’s class (2/9), READ both Schweber’s Holocaust Fatigue: Teaching it Today and this NY Times article, The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking. Also, if you can make the time, you should check out the US Holocaust Museum as well.

DO THIS: See what group you’re in (click on “Continue reading” below) and respond to the corresponding three prompts in a few sentences on your page by class time on Thursday (2/9). The following readings and reflection will set us up nicely to transition into Night, by Eli Wiesel …which we’ll begin to read next week.

GROUP A: Asher, Adam, Joe, Ally, & Malissa

1. When and why did the Holocaust start to get more curricular coverage?

2. How can students understand genocidal violence without taking the subject seriously?

3. How can students take the subject seriously without understanding genocidal violence?

GROUP B: Ashley, Caleb, Lindsey, Reggie, & Daylon
1. What is ‘sacrilization’ and ‘trivialization’ AND how are these realities problematic?

2. What does is mean to say the role of Israel is “vexed” in public opinion? AND Why is Israel’s political role vexed in public opinion?

3. How is teaching on the Holocaust linked to current Middle Eastern conflict?

GROUP C: Meghan, Andy, Justin, & Jordan
1. Why is anti-Semitism an essential component to teaching the Holocaust?

2. Why does teaching anti-Semitism “get people on all sides riled up”?

3. Give 4-5 historical examples of anti-Semitism (see the middle of p.53)?


Author: Justin Detmers

Instructor & PhD Candidate in Teacher Education Michigan State University detmersj@msu.edu

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