Using Textbooks for Lesson Planning

By class time on Wednesday read Effectively Using Social Studies Textbooks In Historical Inquiry by Scott Roberts. It is just over 6 pages long and will give you help in creating clear and focused lesson plans that are in sync with curricular standards. In response to reading, post a reply (by class time on Wednesday) to these two prompts:

    1. In a paragraph or two; what are the strengths of using textbooks to generate lesson plans?
    2. Do the first two steps that Roberts recommends (on page 121) with any standard of your choosing (using the standards I’ve provided below). SO, just write out a response in two parts:

a) Select a (state or national) standard you find interesting and
b) Develop an interesting question around that standard.

***For help with this, just note/imitate what Roberts does at the top of page 121.


Author: Justin Detmers

Instructor & PhD Candidate in Teacher Education Michigan State University

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