Personal Professional Considerations

Take this 1) Disc Test & 2) Personality Test  and post a concise statement of your results for each test on your page by class on Wednesday. These tools will help you think about who you are in a concrete and scientific way and to consider how you might operate in professional settings and organizations.

We’ll explore developing your ‘ethos’ in a professional setting further throughout the year, but this will be immediately practical for our experiences and reflections!



What’s the culture of the group? Do you feel like you have a place in it? How are tasks assigned? How do people communicate? Does the group’s culture differ from the larger organization’s culture? How do the DiSC styles of individuals in the group increase the group’s effectiveness?

Check out your group culture, talk it over with your group, & have someone prepared to be the reporter to the rest of the class. Sample Everything DiSC Group Report


Author: Justin Detmers

Instructor & PhD Candidate in Teacher Education Michigan State University

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